Everything You Need To Know About Vegas Street Promoters

What To Know About Vegas Street Promoters

When you’re in Las Vegas, you are bound to have all sorts of questions. How can I link with Vegas private strippers? Can I have Las Vegas strippers sent to my hotel room? Will I be able to trust the Vegas street promoters that I am sure to come across?

These are all valid questions and we are here to answer them for you. In general, the answer is a resounding “NO”. Yes, you are going to meet all kinds of hustlers, whether they are card tossers or Lyft drivers. They will make many outlandish promises and ask leading questions. “Girls direct to you!” “Las Vegas in-room massage!” “Do you want Las Vegas girls sent to your room?”


As someone who has spent a lot of time in this city, I feel obligated to warn you. None of these people are really looking to help you. They can’t align you with massage girls in Vegas or Las Vegas strippers to room. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they can get Las Vegas girls to your room. They are merely looking to meet a quota and want to hand out all of their cards, so they can get home quickly. The Uber and Lyft drivers get a cut when they entice you into their shady offers. There’s nothing in it for you at all, except for some money wasted and general annoyance.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the groups that will be pestering you during your next Las Vegas trip. We’ve got the preventive medicine that you need so be sure to read on and learn more!

Strip Club Promotional Team

These folks are a bit different from the card tossers. If you’re walking around on the Strip and you look even a little bored, they’ll try their best to invite you to a strip club. Some of them may even wear neon signs that are designed to entice you. Don’t fall for it. Even if they have a woman outside dancing while wearing one of the signs, she’s not a strip club employee.

They function as independent contractors, pocketing some cash if they are able to get you and your girlfriend to come to the club. The deals that they are offering are not real. Nevada requires them to have a license and to undergo a background check but that never happens. It’s never in your best interest to rely on them. There are a few good ones but search for them at your own peril.

Business Associates

An honest business person is incredibly rare in Las Vegas. Don’t expect to find one. They’ll be dressed like you or they will be wearing very slick clothing. The ones who are dressed to the nines are even more dangerous. They’ll ask you if you want to go to the strip club and even offer to pick you up later if you give them a call.

If the promoters are honest, you’ll know. They are usually more subdued in nature. The deals that they offer won’t sound too good to be true. Their pitches are more fun and laid back. No offers will be made to sell you drugs and if you ask where to find them, they will give you a solid “NO”! They are few and far between, though, so don’t expect to find them with ease.

(Kinda) Honest Promoters

They will usually have some sort of signage hanging around their neck and while it looks legit, it’s not (in most instances). The deals that they offer you may exist or they may not. Yes, they can put you in a limo but the limos that they have to offer are going to be second-rate at best. Don’t deal with these guys, either.

Scammers, Hustlers, and Tricksters

These people are shameless and will do anything to make a buck, up to and including lying to tourists. They’ll try any look that they think will help them, from baggier hip-hop inspired looks to power suits. Sometimes, they’ll even send a scantily clad woman out to do their dirty work for them. They’ll yell disgusting slogans that have no business being shouted in public.

These promoters may be honest but they are not going to lead you to a good place. These are the crummy promoters who are easy to spot because they behave so aggressively. They prey on indecisive tourists who do not know what they want to do. If you do not have a plan, they can sense it. If children are present, they do not care.

These are the promoters who are coarse and boorish. Anyone who decides to be led by them is not taking the proper precautions. Any money you spend with them is a sunk cost. Prostitution of any kind is illegal within Las Vegas city limits but they promise everyone a “good time”, hoping that tourists aren’t savvy enough to figure it out.

Bear in mind that the Strip is chock full of undercover police officers who pose as promoters, in an effort to catch people in the act of attempting to buy drugs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are the one who will con the cons. Worst case scenario: a night or two in jail (and they are not going to be rushing to process and release you, despite your vehement reminders about your departure flight).

Best case scenario? You get to waste a bunch of money on a night that you would rather forget. Avoid them at all costs.

Card Salesman

For the love of everything holy, please don’t give anyone on the Strip any money for a card. No honest promoters are accepting money from you in exchange for a card. Yes, they are “honest” but in the sense that they are actually making a few bucks in exchange for directing you to a rundown strip club in a crappy limo. That’s why they don’t need to “sell” you a card.

Card Snappers and Slappers

Affectionately known to Las Vegas locals as the “Mexican mafia”, these guys hand out cards with colorful phrases and they have the T-shirts to match. It’s “honest” but the experiences they offer just aren’t worth your while.