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Courtney Tells A Tale

CourtneyHello! I'm Courtney! People tell me I have the "gift of gab". I am quite talkative and I use this to my advantage. I recently had a client hire me specifically because he had heard about my conversation skills. I guess a coworker had told him I'm the girl he needs to spend time with. Here is how our date progressed.

I Made The Experience Comfortable

There's nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and finding out you have nothing to say to each other. I find, that even if you have nothing in common, there's definitely something, ANYTHING, that makes for good conversation. I look for that that something. If a client is a total opposite of myself, I ask a ton of questions to find out more about the things that make them different. I like to learn and I believe that my desire to get information about someone makes me favorable to those who like someone to discuss topics with.

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Wendy Plays Poker

WendyHello fellow card lovers and women daters! My name is Wendy and I'm a vivacious lady who loves playing poker in my spare time! Yeah, I'm one of those women who hang out at the poker tables in the casinos trying my luck whenever I can. I usually walk away with extra money in my pocket and I've given tips to others over the years. I want to share my connection with a gentleman who visits every year for the World Series of Poker. If you are a regular visitor who gambles, whether professionally or recreationally, I'd love to meet up with you too!

I Knew I Was Meeting My Match

When I got the email asking me to meet up with someone who was involved in the World Series of Poker each year, I was extremely excited about the date ahead of me. Finally, I would have a date with someone who would be a great player at the casino tables to watch. I was hoping he would be interested in giving me some pointers to increase my chances. I made sure to dress up with a sexy outfit that looked presentable enough to exude class to those around us. My date indicated we would be spending much of our time playing cards. Boy was I ready! I even wore my lucky ace earrings for the occasion!

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Jenni Loves To Go Camping

katrina5Are you a camping enthusiast? Have you thought about camping, but never actually went yourself? Whether you are a die-hard fan or one that wants to try this activity, a date with me is exactly what is needed for your camping excursion! I love to camp! My name is Jenni and I want to tell you about a camping trip I went on with a new client. Read it to learn more about what you can expect during our trip and then reach out to me to set up the whole thing!

A Camping Trip My Client Will Always Cherish

When I took a client camping, he was so overjoyed with the time we spent together that he books trips yearly with me now. We headed out to a camping site away from the hubbub of the city where there were no other campers in sight. This means we were able to enjoy being nude whenever we wanted...including skinny dipping or just hanging out by the fire. The nights were warm when we were able to cuddle in our tent together. We learned so much about each other simply because there was no one else around to get in the way. It was just me, him, and nature...the way it should be! We learned some new romantic activities, played truth or dare, and did some X-rated things I really can't discuss! Fun!

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Your Bachelor Party Checklist

slide 091 raven 5You have been asked to host a bachelor party for a friend or family member. This is a great honor and you're likely to want to impress all guests who will be attending. There are several aspects you'll need to contemplate, however, for this event to be a success. Here's a checklist to help you with the endeavor.

Food And Drink

All events need food and liquid refreshment available for those in attendance. Consider hiring a caterer to handle all the details. You'll be able to focus upon other aspects with the event, and guests will have professionally prepared food to select from. If you are having a higher-class party, hire a bartender with a full bar full of drinks for guests. If a smaller party is to be held, a keg and trip to the liquor store for harder choices are all that is needed. Another idea is to hold the event in an establishment where food and drink are already present.

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Las Vegas Escorts That Dazzle

vegas asian escort ruth 1Las Vegas is a city of action and bright lights. While people go on vacation to chill out and slow down, vacationing in Las Vegas does not always follow the script. It's a town that thrives on action and movement. And it's no accident that casinos and other venues are brightly lit 24-7. In Las Vegas the concept of day and night are blurred on purpose. If everything is always bright like day time, then there is no need to slow down, and God forbid, go to bed. It's possible to have a successful visit to Las Vegas and come home more tired than you were when you left.

While it might be fun to bounce around Las Vegas day and night trying to jam 10 pounds of fun into a 5 pound bag, there is something to be said about slowing down and having things come directly to you. In the arena of female companionship, especially the Vegas escorts variety, we can provide you with anything you could possibly desire.

We have a roster of Las Vegas escorts that will dazzle you with their style, class, and absolute beauty. These escorts will be available for attending any type of event you desire. From business meetings, meals, chilling out at a hotel pool, dancing the night away, to gambling at a casino. On a special note, you can call our quality Las Vegas escorts to your hotel room to perform as strippers or give you an in room massage.

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Las Vegas Girls Party With You For St. Patrick's Day

slide 056 ivy 3Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day! Even if you are not of Irish decent, you'll most likely want to party it up when this exciting holiday arrives. If you don't have any plans set in stone, however, finding something to do for this once-a-year treat is a must. Many guys enjoy going out for St. Paddy's day to get their green on and celebrate with the best of them. What if you don't have a girlfriend, wife, or even a female friend to share the experience, though? That's when Las Vegas call girls come into play! 

Pick Out Your Perfect Partner

It isn't difficult to find a woman who suits your mood when you head to our website for your date selection process. Each of our fine women is listed on our site along with photographs to entice you to find out more about them. Profiles include some of their specialties and likes/dislikes. Browse the content and pick out a woman that you find interesting. The photographs don't do these girls justice so keep this in mind when making your selection. When your date arrives, you'll be thrilled to see she is much hotter in person!

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Super Bowl Parties In Vegas

slide 010 brianna 6February 2, 2020 will be a big date in Las Vegas for all football enthusiasts who want to watch the big game in a public setting. Las Vegas is known for its splendor for any type of event, and this holds true for Superbowl Sunday at many establishments around the city. Here are some Superbowl viewing parties to keep in mind if you want to go out and about for the game.

Las Vegas Big Game Party At Westgate

Westgate Resort and Casino has a huge event planned for the Superbowl that you won't want to miss. For one price, you will enjoy having a private reserved table for you and your sexy date to watch the game in comfort without any viewing difficulties. Entry price includes an open bar, allowing you and your date to partake in a day and night full of cocktails to get you into a festive mood. There is also an all-day buffet available for you and your partner to enjoy feasting whenever you feel hungry. 

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Party On The Moon With An Escort

slide 017 celeste 3If you want a bird's eye view of the firework extravaganza that takes place on New Year's Eve this year, consider visiting The View Lounge & Moon Rooftop Nightclub, located at newly remodeled Palm Resort & Casino on West Flamingo Road. This posh establishment has it all, making it a wonderful spot to get all your activities in without having to leave at all. Bringing an escort to this high-class business makes the experience even better. Here's some information on what you can expect when partying on the moon with your date.

Views That Can't Be Beat

The View Lounge is situated on the 52nd floor of the Palm Resort & Casino, while the Moon Rooftop is a floor higher. From the View Lounge, you have spectacular views of the surrounding city from a vantage point that allows you to watch the fireworks in a panoramic view. The 53rd floor features a retractable rooftop. If the conditions are right, this is removed and you'll see the stars above you as you party. This is the best spot by far in the city to see fireworks while you drink, eat, dance, and listen to exhilarating tunes with your date. Snuggle up close to her when the fireworks begin and enjoy the closeness of a pretty lady on this special night.

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Hockey Season Is Heating Up And Our Escorts Are Big Fans!

slide 092 raven 6With the return of hockey season, comes all types of possibilities for entertainment with a partner. Our escorts are fans of the sport and are available to show you just how fun hockey can be with a beautiful woman by your side. Experience this sport in a whole new way! Here are some benefits of hiring an escort to accompany you when going to a hockey game.

You'll Be The Focal Point Of Your Section

If you want a boost to your self-esteem, having a gorgeous lady by your side can give you the confidence you desire. You'll be sure to be the talk of your section when you show up with a stunning woman in tow. All eyes will be on the two of you, making you feel more of a celebrity than some very players you are there to spectate. You'll have a hard time keeping your eyes off of your date yourself. With the addition of a beautiful woman in the stands, you may even find yourself on the big screen so be sure to pay attention!

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The Classiest Las Vegas Strippers

Las Vegas StrippersIf you are in Las Vegas, chances are you are there to have a good time. What could be better than hiring a professional Las Vegas escort to show you around the town? These professional women are here to show you what Sin City is really all about. The strippers in Las Vegas all know how to have a good time from an evening at a classy business event to an in room massage, these girls can provide you with any service that you need.

If you are planning a bachelor party, hiring Las Vegas strippers is a must. Our lovely ladies will provide you with the entertainment that you desire to make the night unforgettable. From lap dances to stripteases, our strippers know what to do to keep your party going.

We work with only the best Las Vegas strippers in the business and strive to make each of our customers nights one to remember when they call for our services. Even if you have never hired Las Vegas strippers, we make it easy for you. We understand that when you are in Las Vegas you want to make your trip special. No matter what type of event you are holding, from a bachelor party to a birthday party or if you just want to make your trip more special, we can help you choose the right Las Vegas strippers to meet your needs.

We will help you through the entire process of choosing a call girl in Las Vegas. Our strippers are all professionals and will show you a great time. If you are having a party you may want to choose more than one of our Las Vegas strippers. You can share your experience with one of these beautiful women with your group of friends or you can keep her all to yourself, it is really up to you.

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Rodeo Time Is The Best Time

teagan rodeoAre you a cowboy at heart? Do you enjoy the thrill of watching others wrangling and lassoing? If so, Vegas has plenty for you to partake in that will fulfill your rodeo needs. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Hit A Rodeo For Thrilling Times

Las Vegas has a few options available if you enjoy watching rodeo events. Head out to the CMSA Nevada State Championship in Horseman's Park in October to view mounted shooting competition. The Indian Nationals Final Rodeo is also held in October at the South Point Equestrian Center. Events include bareback bronc riding, bull riding, calf roping, and team roping competitions. A favorite to the area is the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo held at the Thomas & Mack Center. This event is hosted by several rodeo corporations and includes steer wrestling, saddle and bareback bronc riding, tie-down roping, bull riding, and barrel racing.

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How You Like to Gamble Might Reveal What Kind of Escort You Like

slide 073 lexus 3If you enjoy spending time in the casino gambling, you may find it a bit boring when you don't have someone around to share the experience with. Hiring an escort is a way to solve this dilemma. Who should you select though? Here are some clues about what type of escort you would enjoy time with according to the way you conduct your gambling.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

If you are the type who likes to make small wagers so your money lasts for a while or someone who would rather spectate at a casino than have the worry about losing money unnecessarily, the escort you choose should be one that is not flashy or one that blatantly flaunts their beauty. You'll love being paired with a woman who seems down to earth rather than one that steals the spotlight.

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Call Girls are the Safest Bet in Vegas

slide 014 cassandra 4

You just arrived in Vegas and are ready to hit the city for some dinner, drinks, maybe a little gambling, and some entertainment. The only problem is, you don't have anyone to go with you. No one really likes hitting the streets of an exciting place like Las Vegas on their own. It is always better to have someone to share the experience with.

What's a guy or gal to do? Hiring a call-girl is an option that reaps many benefits, especially when safety comes into play. Here are some reasons why this option is one of the best ways to get to the places you want without worrying about your security in the process.

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Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Hotel Room In Las Vegas

slide 099 ryan 3

Let's face it, there's no shortage of hotel rooms in Las Vegas. With dozens of hotels right on the strip and dozens more right outside, you'll never have a problem booking a hotel room. But how do you get the most out of that room? Sure, you're probably not going to spend too much time in the room (outside of possibly nursing a hangover), but even so, it's your time in Vegas so you need to make it a good one. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your hotel room in Las Vegas.

Read the Fine Print

Does anyone really read the fine print for a hotel? Probably not. But for Las Vegas, that's a different matter. Because here's the deal. You'll log onto a booking website, find a hotel with a great price, and then when you check your credit card the next day you faint because of how much you were charged.

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