Private Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas

Private Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas

When you’re in Las Vegas, you may prefer the company of Vegas private strippers, as opposed to the massage parlors and strip clubs. Are you ready to have Las Vegas strippers to room? Want to learn more about how you can have your own private strip show?

My wife and I are here to help. The fun that you can have at a massage parlor or strip club pales in comparison to the fun that can be had with a Las Vegas private stripper. Maybe you are someone who would rather have girls to your room Vegas because you do not want to deal with the smoky rooms and loud noises that strip clubs have to offer. Las Vegas Girls to your room sure sounds a lot better than dealing with long lines and cover charges, doesn’t it?

Or perhaps you are a strip club veteran who is looking for a new experience. The VIP rooms are not nearly as awesome as they are cracked up to be, with their expensive drink minimums and seedy atmospheres. Girls direct to you in the privacy of your own hotel room may sound too good to be true but this can be your Vegas experience!

It does not matter what your reasoning may be. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know about the best in-room massage Las Vegas has to offer and the private strippers that this town has to offer.



The Best Adult Entertainment and Nude Massages In Las Vegas

With Las Vegas in room massage, you can access the best massage girls in Vegas…..without all of the usual hassles. A late night massage should be as relaxing as possible, as opposed to the usual pitfalls that take place at the seedy massage parlors that you are typically going to end up in.

Meanwhile, there are others who will want a full hotel room performance and that can be arranged with ease as well. This experience is better than the strip club and is going to cost you a lot less. Of course, you need to know about the process of hiring the right dancer and what to expect. We are here to make sure that your experience is everything you’ve hoped for.

Do Not Contact The Girls From The Cards Handed Out On The Strip

If you contact these women, guess what? Your credit card is going to be charged before you even have a chance to know what hit you. Nothing will have even happened yet. You won’t even have the chance to smell her perfume before you are shaking your head at the charge that comes through on your banking app of choice.

Secondly, do you really think that the girl on the card is the one who is going to show up in your room? Heck no. The 6 foot stunner you saw on the cards, the one with the legs that don’t quit until the Mexican border? She’s not the girl who is going to stop by and let me tell you, the letdown is massive. She won’t look as good and you are going to pay dearly for her company.

More charges will be made to your card, the girl will demands tips upon tips for a basic strip show. By the time everything is said and done, you are going to be out a few hundred dollars and you will have very little to show for it.

Do Not Contact The Truck Girls

The girls on the truck are running the same scams as the card tossers. In fact, the same few companies tend to own both enterprises. If you avoid the card tossers and contact the truck girls, it’s just as silly and you are playing right into their hands. Yes, the trucks claim that the girls want to meet you. They don’t. They just want to run up your card with all sorts of nonsensical charges.

Do Not Rely on Backpage and Craigslist

This is where lots of people get themselves. Maybe you use these services in your home city without incident and if so? God bless! They are incredibly dangerous for Las Vegas visitors. These ad services are the wild, wild west. You could be robbed by someone posing as a pimp or you could end up in the back of a squad car because of the sheer volume of undercover officers that post ads on these sites (hoping to catch the idiots who are dumb enough to rely on them).

Your safety is not guaranteed, there are no background checks and you are essentially taking your life in your own hands. The horror stories that I could tell are numerous, so please just take my word for it. As a longtime Vegas resident, I want to see everyone enjoying the city as much as I do. I get no joy out of seeing tourists in tense situations.

Come To Me Instead!

I am happy to help you and I have decades of expertise to lean on. I know all the best massage girls in Vegas and the top Vegas private strippers. Their beauty is only matched by their professionalism and they can provide you with the exact experience that you want.

Vegas is often referred to as an adult Disney Land but you still need someone to help you navigate. After all, there’s no map to guide you. Don’t fall into the same old Vegas pitfalls when I can give you all the help you need?

What Can I Expect From The Las Vegas Private Stripper Experience?

In a word, it’s magical! Allow me to fill you in some of the details, though….

Puts The Strip Club Experience To Shame

Once you’ve had the chance to turn your hotel room into the private strip club that you always have dreamed of, your days of being wowed by the same old dancers on the same old stage will be over. How can you possibly be impressed by the average looking woman doing a tired routine to “Pour Some Sugar On Me” or “Cherry Pie” when the only limit to a private show is your own imagination?

Fully nude? No problem. Fully nude in room massage? Absolutely. Try getting that type of experience at the average strip club. Sure, you can head to the big name clubs to negotiate with a girl of your choice one on one but she knows something you don’t know. She can make far more money giving the same tepid dances to easily amused tourists and if you’re silly enough to play ball with her, your pockets are going to hurt.

With Las Vegas strippers to room, none of that comes into play. You’ll have the show you want for a very fair price, thus leaving you plenty of tip money to lavish on your fantasy girls. Everyone’s happy!

Avoid The Expensive Strip Clubs

I’m a local, so I can typically show my ID at the door at the big name spots and escape those insane cover charges. You, on the other hand? You will be paying to get into the main door and paying several times more to get into the VIP room. If you want a bottle (and FYI: if you’re going this route, you’re already paying drink minimums,), the tab gets very high, very quickly.


"This is your guide to Las Vegas private adult entertainment!"


If you come to us for all of your Vegas private stripper needs, you’ll spend a fraction of the usual cost and the experience is out of sight. Fully nude women, toys, lap dances for everyone, what’s not to love? Once you’ve had an hour long show that’s perfectly catered to your whims in the privacy of your hotel room, the strip club will seem blase.

The Environment Is Tailored To Your Taste

Let’s face the facts here. When you hit the strip club, you’re bound to do some settling. It’s hard to find exactly what you want. It’s a luck of the draw type of thing. The card slappers might talk a good game about promising you a better experience but you are going to spend a sizable amount before you’ve even seen a woman.

When you let me help you out, you’ll have girls direct to your room and they’ll be the exact type you have in mind. You describe your dream girl and we produce her. It’s really that simple. No money is spent until you’ve spent time with the woman of your choosing. The strip clubs of Vegas are awesome if you’re into that type of experience but if you want a more VIP experience? It’s not for you.

Those clubs rake in cash from people looking for a more casual set up. They have no real incentive to help you out. Your “VIP booth” there will be a piece of plastic or a see through curtain. You and the dancer can’t hang out together because the “VIP rooms” are still in a group setting. You’ll be inhaling other people’s smoke and listening to whatever drivel the DJ happens to be spinning that day. Why not have a more personalized experience?

The Best Private Strip Show Vegas Has To Offer

Adventurous couples, bachelor party groups, thrill seeking tourists, we cater to them all. Trust us with all of your Las Vegas private stripper needs. A Las Vegas in room massage from a model is well within your grasp. Once you tell us what you want, the entertainers respond accordingly. Whether its music, props, toys or games, anything that your party requires can be provided.

How Far Can The Party Go?

I don’t want to spoil it for you but the party’s going to make the inside of a typical Vegas strip club look like child’s play. Bear one thing in mind: your room is not a licensed brothel. No, prostitution is not “legal” in Las Vegas. The licensed brothels tend to require an expensive car rental and the willingness to take a long drive into the sticks.

Be smart and have fun. If two adults who are attracted to one another happen to have sex, that’s legal. Paying to play, on the other hand? I wouldn’t recommend it and you’re better than that anyway.