Vegas Street Promoters We Trust

If you have already had the chance to meet with one of the people below, you are all set! Anyone who is looking for further assistance is more than welcome to contact us.


Are There Any Honest Street Promoters In Las Vegas?

When you are searching for Vegas private strippers or Las Vegas strippers to room, you will find yourself asking this very question. The promoters that this city has to offer will do anything in their power to get you to their strip club of choice. There is just one problem with this: they do not have your best interests at heart.

Meanwhile, we have done all of the research for you. Our research has taken place naturally over the course of several years. We did not scramble to find out the information and our objective is a simple one. We want visitors to benefit from all of our local expertise. The list that we are about to provide you is filled with good, decent folks who also want to help you out.

They are hard to come by in this city, especially when you seek Las Vegas call girls to your room or girls direct to you. The best promoters make you feel right at home and they are not just pushing hot Vegas babes on you. They won’t offer you drugs. You won’t feel any form of pressure. We have not formed any alliances with any of these folks, either. This information is only being provided as a means of helping visitors.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

Andy Casucci

We run into Andy all of the time. You’ll usually see him on the Strip, in various locations. He’s a courteous professional who loves helping people as much as we do. He’s always got a kind word for us, as well. Andy has a very simple mentality. If you want to go to the club, he wants to be the one to help you.

If not? He’s not there to bother you. This is the best promoter that the Strip has to offer, in our humble opinion. He’s an honest guy who does not like to steer people wrong. A rare good egg in a city that can be overrun with rotten apples at times.

Jon Paeton

Jon is another honest promoter who knows his stuff. You’ll usually see him dressed very casually and sometimes, he’ll have a backpack sign that lights up. We love him because he is able to lay out the pros and cons of any club that you are considering with ease. He can give advice on Las Vegas in room strippers and massage girls in Vegas, too.

If you use one of his limos to head to the club, you are in luck. He owns the vehicles himself and you do not have to worry about the same issues that tend to arise in these scenarios. We have used his services before and he is awesome!

Chad H.

We’re going to shoot you straight. He’s a big dude and he looks like a lot like a biker. Don’t worry, though. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and he is as nice as they come. When you deal with Chad, you get the straight dope and he tells it like it is. Very trustworthy guy.


We never caught Ash’s last name but he’s a great guy if you want to learn more about the city. He’s an Asian man who used to be a limo driver, so he knows plenty about the city. If he offered us a limo ride, we would be perfectly comfortable getting in.


Sam was not willing to offer a last name but he’s still a solid guy, regardless. He’s a man of high character and his call girl room service is unmatched. Have you ever met certain people that make you feel comfortable right away? He’s that sort of guy. Sam also owns any car that he puts you in, which is not something that you are going to come across a lot in Las Vegas.

That’s About It, Folks!

We truly wish that we had a longer list to provide to you but we are being as honest as possible. All of the other promoters need to be avoided. They are rude, crude and out to pocket your hard earned money. The sharply dressed ones tend to be the worst of all, too. The louder the clothing, the worse they are going to be.

Give us a call as soon as you are ready to avoid these charlatans. If you run into any of these guys on the Strip, be sure to give them a big hello from us!