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Courtney Tells A Tale

CourtneyHello! I'm Courtney! People tell me I have the "gift of gab". I am quite talkative and I use this to my advantage. I recently had a client hire me specifically because he had heard about my conversation skills. I guess a coworker had told him I'm the girl he needs to spend time with. Here is how our date progressed.

I Made The Experience Comfortable

There's nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and finding out you have nothing to say to each other. I find, that even if you have nothing in common, there's definitely something, ANYTHING, that makes for good conversation. I look for that that something. If a client is a total opposite of myself, I ask a ton of questions to find out more about the things that make them different. I like to learn and I believe that my desire to get information about someone makes me favorable to those who like someone to discuss topics with.

I Love Going Out To Socialize

If you are into going out and seeing what the city has to offer, you'll love having me as your companion. I enjoy spending time out and about and talking to anyone who wishes to. I'll give you most of my attention though. My recent client wanted to find out more about the city's nightlife and I showed him some of the best clubs in the area. He was extremely pleased with my persona and loved having the opportunity to meet some of my friends as well. We had a great dinner at one of the finer establishments in the city first. Then we hit the dance floor and exercised the night away. We found out more about each other and I told him some stories about myself which he found pretty entertaining. After this connection was made, we were both comfortable going back to his place for a nightcap.

The Conversation Will Continue

I am not one who remains silent even when we get back to a spot where it is just me and my date. I like speaking my mind and letting my clients know what makes me feel good. I encourage them to do the same. I feel that a line of communication at all times ensures that no one ends up disappointed. My recent client enjoyed our time together so much. We laughed as we learned about each other and laughed, even more, when I attempted to give him a Nuru massage.

When we go out, we'll go back to your place and explore each other in private. This is the best part of a date with me! Even though I like talking, there's still a lot of action going on. I love to strip and hope you will get into the performance I provide for you. I'll instruct you to lie down and will give you a massage while we are completely nude. That's something we can both look forward to!