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How You Like to Gamble Might Reveal What Kind of Escort You Like

slide 073 lexus 3If you enjoy spending time in the casino gambling, you may find it a bit boring when you don't have someone around to share the experience with. Hiring an escort is a way to solve this dilemma. Who should you select though? Here are some clues about what type of escort you would enjoy time with according to the way you conduct your gambling.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

If you are the type who likes to make small wagers so your money lasts for a while or someone who would rather spectate at a casino than have the worry about losing money unnecessarily, the escort you choose should be one that is not flashy or one that blatantly flaunts their beauty. You'll love being paired with a woman who seems down to earth rather than one that steals the spotlight.

This type of escort is the best choice for a GFE (girlfriend experience). She will root for you when you do decide to gamble and will be there to people-watch with you, keeping you entertained and laughing about the antics of others. Her reserved side can linger on in the bedroom, so you may need to be bold in your actions to get her to open up. Once the signal is received, however, she will be more than happy to please you in whichever manner you see fit.

When Distractions Are Necessary

Most people know that when you gamble in group settings, the way that people react to your actions can make a difference in your gameplay. For example, someone who is distracted at a poker table may make a move they didn't really think about in detail beforehand. Bringing an escort to help you reap the rewards to be gained with distraction will keep you on your game and in the money.

Select an escort with unique features that will be sure to draw eyes her way. Other players will be trying to get her attention, keeping them distracted at the game at hand. Just be sure to keep your own mind on your game until after you get her back into your hotel room after your casino excursion comes to an end. Maybe you will end up rolling around in a stack of Benjamins after your escort gives you good luck.

When You Risk It All

If you are a high roller or someone who puts a large amount of cash on one option to try for large prizes, then the escort you want to hire is one that doesn't tell you much about herself beforehand. Mystery can be extremely sensual, making you wonder what will happen at any given time during your date. Opt for an escort that does not elaborate about herself much on her profile. She is likely to have some hidden treasures up her sleeve to reward you for your selection. Another option is to let our escort service pick out your date for you. You do like Roulette, don't you?