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Jenni Loves To Go Camping

katrina5Are you a camping enthusiast? Have you thought about camping, but never actually went yourself? Whether you are a die-hard fan or one that wants to try this activity, a date with me is exactly what is needed for your camping excursion! I love to camp! My name is Jenni and I want to tell you about a camping trip I went on with a new client. Read it to learn more about what you can expect during our trip and then reach out to me to set up the whole thing!

A Camping Trip My Client Will Always Cherish

When I took a client camping, he was so overjoyed with the time we spent together that he books trips yearly with me now. We headed out to a camping site away from the hubbub of the city where there were no other campers in sight. This means we were able to enjoy being nude whenever we wanted...including skinny dipping or just hanging out by the fire. The nights were warm when we were able to cuddle in our tent together. We learned so much about each other simply because there was no one else around to get in the way. It was just me, him, and nature...the way it should be! We learned some new romantic activities, played truth or dare, and did some X-rated things I really can't discuss! Fun!

I'll Bring Along All That We Will Need

Before we head out for our excursion, I take the time to pack everything we will need. I've been camping so many times, I know what to bring along and what to leave at home. I'll also take into consideration the number of nights you want to hire me for the trip. All you need to bring is some clothing. Leave the rest up to me! This includes the sleeping arrangements...I have it covered!

I Know Some Of The Best Spots In The Area

If you have never gone camping before, you probably don't know where to go. I do! I know which spots are secluded and which ones have other campers to party with if you are into that sort of thing. I know where there are some pristine lakes to enjoy together as well as some gorgeous fields and forests. If you are an avid camper, I might even know some spots you have never heard of before. Call me and let's discuss it!

I'll Do The Cooking And The Cuddling

Leave the cooking up to me! I am a great cook and I'll whip up some meals during our camping trip that you'll want to try on your own once you get back home. After you are all full and relaxed, then we will get into some stripping, massage, and cuddling. There's no one around to watch us! We can party together...there's no need for anyone else to get in the way. I want to be your focus, and you mine!