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Las Vegas Escorts That Dazzle

Dazzling Las Vegas Escorts

vegas asian escort ruth Las Vegas is a city of action and bright lights. While people go on vacation to chill out and slow down, vacationing in Las Vegas does not always follow the script. It's a town that thrives on action and movement. And it's no accident that casinos and other venues are brightly lit 24-7. In Las Vegas the concept of day and night are blurred on purpose. If everything is always bright like day time, then there is no need to slow down, and God forbid, go to bed. It's possible to have a successful visit to Las Vegas and come home more tired than you were when you left.

While it might be fun to bounce around Las Vegas day and night trying to jam 10 pounds of fun into a 5 pound bag, there is something to be said about slowing down and having things come directly to you. In the arena of female companionship, especially the Vegas escorts variety, we can provide you with anything you could possibly desire.

We have a roster of Las Vegas escorts that will dazzle you with their style, class, and absolute beauty. These escorts will be available for attending any type of event you desire. From business meetings, meals, chilling out at a hotel pool, dancing the night away, to gambling at a casino. On a special note, you can call our quality Las Vegas escorts to your hotel room to perform as strippers or give you an in room massage.

All About Suzy

Please meet Suzy, she's a raven-haired beauty with a well-tanned complexion. She's a tall, kind of thick girl with a hour glass shape. Her breasts are large and yet high risen. She has a round tight butt and classic sexy babe features.

On top of this,Suzy is dedicated to her job. She knows all the hot Las Vegas venues for day or night fun. She makes it her business to pick up on the customer's vibe, and is dedicated to making your time with her a very positive experience. She is one of the best Las Vegas escorts. Just call and we will bring these girls direct to you.

A Nerd In Vegas

While others may deny it, you have no qualms about calling yourself a nerd. You embrace it. Sure, you may not have the best of looks. or a well-toned body. Yet you believe in nerd power. In the sense that you are dedicated to your work agenda. You are highly intelligent and motivated. After all, when you think about it, nerds rule the world. They become billionaires by inventing computer operation systems, or start social media websites with zillions of members.

Right now you're a college student that has just finished your junior year in a blaze. You landed on the dean's list with straight A's in everything. But all your success has cost you socially. There was sweet and petite Becky with just a few braces on her teeth. You met her in Sociology class and hit it off in a big way. Becky did her best to keep the relationship alive, but you were just too busy with your heavy class load and extra activities. She reached her breaking point and called it quits.

Calling Las Vegas Escorts

Lucky for you, there is a call put into our Las Vegas escorts service. And even more lucky, Suzy is your escort for the evening. Your first stop is a mid-sized night club that is featuring an all girl band called the Super Vixens.

You meet Suzy outside the club. She shows up in a black leather mini dress that presents her assets in an extra good light. Can there be a hotter babe among the Las Vegas escorts?

The Super Vixens are a six member band. There is a lead singer, drummer, key board player, and two guitarists. All are dressed in some form of sexy outfit. The lead singer, a red-haired shapely girl, is wearing a black bikini top and white short shorts.

The band specializes in doing sexed up covers of girl group songs. They do everything from the Supremes You Can't Hurry Love to the Go Gos We Got The Beat. There finale is a high tempo dance tune. The lead singer goes crazy twirling, bouncing, and jumping. Then she puts her back to the audience and in a flash drops her shorts and starts doing a frantic bare-assed twerk fest dance that drives the crowd wild.

Suzy whispers into your ear that she can dance like that for you in your hotel room.

Las Vegas Strippers Can Dance For You

And so you and Suzy end up in your hotel room. You take a seat on the edge of the bed. Suzy puts on a banging dance tune from portable CD player. She tells you she used to be a cheerleader in high school. Then she comes out of her leather dress, revealing a white bra and pink G-string. First she skips about and waves her hands up and down like a cheerleader. Then she runs forward and does a series of hand stand flips through the length of the room. You are both impressed and aroused. Suzy does the same move in the other direction. Suzy strips away her bra and panties. Her naked body makes your mouth pop open. What an escort, you think. She has to be one of the best escorts in Las Vegas.

Suzy moves over and plants herself in your lap. She asks how you like the dance so far. You can only mumble a positive response.

Suzy pops off your lap and places her palms against the wall with her arms outstretched. She begins to bounce her ass from side to side, up and down in the best twerk session you have ever seen. You are very happy you called us for your Las Vegas escorts experience.

Get a Great In Room Massage

You are a recently divorced guy who thinks a trip to Las Vegas will be a cure for your general down mood. You get yourself worked up enough to think you can come in and rule the town. Or at least win a little bit in blackjack. For the first couple of hours you do very well. You start with twenty dollars and runs it up to over a thousand. But then the tide turns against you in a big way. Suddenly you have only three hundred dollars left. Still you're feeling bold. You bet two hundred of your remaining three hundred on one hand. You draw a 17. The house has a face card showing. You're sure the house will bust out so you don't request another card. But wouldn't you know it, the F-ing house has 18. A lousy one hundred bucks, that's all you end up with.

You crawl back to your hotel room feeling down and out. You mope about with knots in your stomach. A wave of tiredness comes over you. There has to be something to break your mood. A thought comes to mind. You moves to the dresser and pick up a printed out flyer for our Las Vegas escorts service. You had considered an escort, but you remember massages are offered.

A half hour later you open your hotel room door and an Asian goddess with light brown hair is standing before you. She has on a white double-breasted trench coat and looks like Lucy Liu without the freckles. She says her name is Mia.

You pop into the bathroom and strip down and wrap yourself in a towel. You lay on the bed on your stomach. Mia straddles you and begins an expert massage across your back. The tension goes away, and you only think good thoughts. Mia says it hot and takes off her top. You glance back at her pert ski slope boobs. What an extra added bonus, you think. She's a great among Las Vegas escorts.