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Wendy Plays Poker

WendyHello fellow card lovers and women daters! My name is Wendy and I'm a vivacious lady who loves playing poker in my spare time! Yeah, I'm one of those women who hang out at the poker tables in the casinos trying my luck whenever I can. I usually walk away with extra money in my pocket and I've given tips to others over the years. I want to share my connection with a gentleman who visits every year for the World Series of Poker. If you are a regular visitor who gambles, whether professionally or recreationally, I'd love to meet up with you too!

I Knew I Was Meeting My Match

When I got the email asking me to meet up with someone who was involved in the World Series of Poker each year, I was extremely excited about the date ahead of me. Finally, I would have a date with someone who would be a great player at the casino tables to watch. I was hoping he would be interested in giving me some pointers to increase my chances. I made sure to dress up with a sexy outfit that looked presentable enough to exude class to those around us. My date indicated we would be spending much of our time playing cards. Boy was I ready! I even wore my lucky ace earrings for the occasion!

My Date Was Good Looking And Fun To Play With

When I met my client, I couldn't believe my good fortune. I was taken aback by how handsome he was! The best part was he was all mine for the evening. We decided to sit down at a table and play some poker together. He seemed to win every hand! I watched his gameplay, and he was able to keep his emotions totally in check so you couldn't tell what he was thinking at all. I decided to have a little fun with this. When no one was looking, I'd rub his leg or lean in, so he was able to see more of my body than the average person would expect. He still kept his poker face on strong, but when I felt him rub my leg back, I knew I was getting somewhere!

We Went Back To His Place For Some More Games

After all that action at the table, we wanted to have some of our own in a spot where no one was around to watch us. We went to my client's hotel room, and he asked me if I'd like to play some poker there....strip poker that is. Did I ever! Not only was I ready to show off myself to him, I couldn't wait to see what he had hidden underneath that dapper suit he was wearing. Needless to say, I lost that game. It doesn't matter though because, after that game, we both became real winners and found the prize we were searching for.