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Your Bachelor Party Checklist

slide 091 raven 5You have been asked to host a bachelor party for a friend or family member. This is a great honor and you're likely to want to impress all guests who will be attending. There are several aspects you'll need to contemplate, however, for this event to be a success. Here's a checklist to help you with the endeavor.

Food And Drink

All events need food and liquid refreshment available for those in attendance. Consider hiring a caterer to handle all the details. You'll be able to focus upon other aspects with the event, and guests will have professionally prepared food to select from. If you are having a higher-class party, hire a bartender with a full bar full of drinks for guests. If a smaller party is to be held, a keg and trip to the liquor store for harder choices are all that is needed. Another idea is to hold the event in an establishment where food and drink are already present.


The guys coming to a bachelor party are likely to drink if alcohol is being served. You'll want to have a safe way for each guest to get home after the party draws to a close. You can always host the party at a hotel. This way you'll have plenty of rooms available for guests and there is no worry about drinking and driving taking place at all. Casinos are within walking distance and there's action all night long in Vegas to enjoy. Any hired escorts will also be able to stay with guests if they choose. If you don't take this route, consider hiring a party bus, limo, or taxi service for guests. 


Guys want to see women at bachelor parties...let's get that fact out in the open. Even those who are happily married prefer to let loose when they are at this type of event. They always have the option of refraining from too much activity, but the chance is there if they desire. Hiring escorts that perform stripteases is the best way to get all involved in the fun. Those who want some one-on-one time with a sexy girl have ample opportunity to do so, while those who are more reserved can watch the girls in action during strip performances. Hiring girls via our escort service ensures you get some of the hottest women in the area to come to your party. They are available by the hour or by the night if you want a full-fledged party full of naughtiness.

The Surprise Factor

Everyone enjoys a good surprise. All attendees will be excited if they are part of one. Allow us to help you with the surprise portion of your event. Our escorts have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and know how important it is to pull off a surprise when it is needed. Consider letting guests in on the fun, so they can be there to witness the event when it unfolds. We don't want to elaborate too much on this as every event is different. We will let you know that fun and fantasy is involved!